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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

4 Surprising Applications That Can Improve Plex Seedbox Performance

It seems like you are a Plex lover but the unhealthy performance of Plex Seedbox is bothering you a lot. Is that so?

Guys, it looks good when people talk about their mesmerizing experience with Plex seedbox - the peerless streaming of media files, watching videos online and so on. But its really unfortunate when they struggle with their Plex Pass subscription. 

Are you facing the same trouble? Are you worried about how to make your Plex app operation even better? Here we have listed down some surprising Plex based applications that are responsible for boosting the Plex seedbox.

Just have a look.

4 Top Plex Apps That Can Enhance Plex Seedbox Performance

1.) Tautulli: 

The Plex server can be used without making any premium subscription. But this hinders the performance of the media server a lot. Hence the use of plex pass. This leaves no space to surprise the users with its amazing job.

However, nothing works better if it is not maintained properly. Right? Tautulli is such a web application that is responsible for monitoring the app and maintaining its performance level. Though being the third-party app, it is employed with tons of features that administer the plex server, providing an eye-catching experience to the users.

Some features include:
  • Watch history to keep an eye on real-time users.
  • Graphs and charts related to streaming media files on the server.
  • Statistical analysis of the Plex library available on the server.
  • Tracking feature to track the new users and new content to the server.
  • Create newsletters based on different media files.

2.) Plex Watch:

Tautulli offers an ocean of features. But you can avail of a shortcut if you want, by using Plex Watch app. This application performs a similar task as Tautulli but it comes with a handful of features. They are as follows.

Plex Watch is accompanied by real-time notifications that notify the users whenever there is any action on the server. 
The application not just allows the users to stop, pause, or resume the file that is playing on the server but even notifies the users about this whenever there is any action is made.

3.) Ombi:

Another web application that improves the Plex seedbox app is Ombi. Ombi allows the users to make request on something new to be played on the server. This is possible by adding a title to the website, placing the username, and search for the item that you want to play. 

Either you will be notified about the latest addition as per your request or it will ask you to click the “Request” button and make a request.

4.) File Bot:

Flex Bot was not actually designed to serve the Plex server. But you may use this to keep your Plex media library organized. It recognizes the metadata from the unorganized library and downloads the item. You may even use this application for renaming your media files and download subtitles, to make the watching experience even better. 

The Bottom Line

Plex media server can be accessed in both the free and premium version. Although the free version is equipped with quite a lot of exciting features, it is always advised to go for the Plex pass subscription to avail of the advanced features. However, still people complain about the unusual performance of the media server. 

With the use of these above-mentioned applications, Plex pass performance can be improved a lot. So, would you like to make your Plex seedbox even better?  

Find about these Plex apps and enjoy streaming your media files. 

Hey! Make sure you don’t confuse yourself with Plex plugins available online.

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