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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Your Guide to Managing Negative Reviews over Social Platforms

When you put your heart, soul and all your effort into running a business, it is only natural that you’ll expect customers to praise and appreciate you for your goods and/or services. However, due to different reasons, which may not be your fault, that does not always happen. Sometimes irate customers leave angry negative feedback on your social media handles. What do you do then? Read on to learn how to manage such negative reviews-

How might you respond in the event that you were the client?

Sometimes a customer’s bad review may irritate you as you may feel that the issue was not your fault. However, don’t respond curtly or angrily. Imagine if you were the customer, and something you spent your valuable money on, did not work out. Wouldn’t you be annoyed too? Respond politely, and apologize for the bad experience, while extending support. Ask if they’d like to speak further on phone or via e-mail and offer redress if possible.

Never leave reviews unanswered

The only thing that could reflect as badly on your brand as rude replies to a negative review is no reply from your side at all. At the end of the day, customers just want to be heard, and to know that they matter to you. Respond as kindly and helpfully as you can.

Show appreciation for positive reviews

Social platforms showcase both the good and bad of brands online. To ensure that your brand image is positive, highlight kind reviews customers have left, and use them as testimonials of sorts. Reply to such comments, thanking them for their support.  

These are just some tips on handling negative reviews. Always remember that your business aims to please its consumers and respond to their reviews and comments accordingly. You may visit website of a reputed social media agency and hire them for management of reviews.

3 Blunders Your Business Should Never Commit In Linkedin Advertising

 Many businesses are often seen to struggle to make ends meet with Linkedin advertising. Instead of being frustrated, it would be good to delve deeper and find out what is going wrong. Here are four errors that your business should never commit while going for Linkedin advertising. You would be surprised to know that even marketers with years of experience often commit these mistakes.

Wrong Audience

One of the most common mistakes often found to be done by a Linkedin member is to connect with the wrong audience. For instance, If you are selling a protein supplement for the elderly, and are connecting to a young audience group, then in all probability your business is not going to get any outputs out of the Linkedin profile.

Incorrect Definition

Defining the persona and sharing the right information is crucial when it comes to establishing a profile for one’s audience. One’s content should always be directed at solving the audience dilemma and providing a solution. A key to a good advertisement is clarity through its words. In other words, it should be promising enough to take away the troubles of your audience.

Using Abandoned Linkedin Accounts

Often companies set up Linkedin accounts and forget about it. It then lacks response and goes unattended for months and years. This can throw an adverse impact on one’s audiences. When they visit the advertisement and trace their way to your profile and find it inactive and not valid, their interest is damaged right there. So it is essential to have business descriptions, profile and so on, updated from time to time.

These blunders over Linkedin can cause a lot of damage to advertising and one’s campaign in general. Avoiding these blunders is beneficial, and you can take the help of a result-driven advertising agency for proper Linkedin management. Read more for details.

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